Shesha Loan

The Shesha loan is aimed at helping you and your family during brief periods where you need a little extra cash. Whether it is paying for school fees or buying a household appliance, Shesha provides a flexible and affordable way for you to manage such expenses.


Repayment period:

The loan term is 1 to 6 months only for clients with whom we have a salary deduction facility with their employers

Where we do not have a salary  deduction facility with the employer, the term is 1 to 12 months.

Loan range:  E500 to E5,000


Included Benefits:

The benefits that are associated with Select loans are an important part of the value that we aim to add for our clients. The Shesha short term loan product includes our Credit Life insurance plan.




  • Must be a Sipatji (Swaziland Building Society), Standard Bank or First National Bank (FNB) account holder.
  • Applicants must have contractual capacity, minimum age 21 years.
  • Applicants much be Swazi nationals or permanent residents of Swaziland.
  • For Government and private sector employees
  • Must have been in employment with the same employer, for at least 6 months with government or 12 months for private sector
  • Submit  3  month’s pay slips
  • Submit bank book or bank statement reflecting the last three months’ salaries
  • If you are a temporary or contract worker, need to provide letter of confirmation of employment.
  • Swaziland national identity document



How do I apply?

Applying for a Shesha loan is quick and easy. Just bring all to the documents listed above to one of our branches and receive your loan within 12 hours of your application (conditional on which bank you hold an account with).

Where do I receive my loan money?

Disbursements will be done through Swaziland Building Society, Standard Bank or FNB and the funds will be available in your bank account within 12 hours from date of application.


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